Getting Ready for Thanksgiving

                                                                                 Sunday , November 15, 2015

Hello Readers , Welcome back to my Blog . I am going to have these types of "Journal " entries so you the reader can get to know me a bit more , here we go 

        This Thanksgiving I will be hosting it at my home . I am super excited yet a bit stress out on where to begin, 

I  have written  some notes and search Pinterest on where do I begin....

So here is where I am at ! 

1. empty out my fridge ( This is a must ! you don't want to be doing it the day of Thanksgiving)  

2. Have a Thanksgiving List !  what is everyone bringing , and what is needed. ( ex. plates ,cups,decor,) 

3 . Things to entertain my guests !   I truly hate when the television is on during these Holiday events . I feel that you take away the connection and time with family . 
So I have written down some fun things to do during this thanksgiving . GAMES ! board-games ect . I was thinking maybe so jenga , or latino bingo ( Loteria) . For the kiddos was thinking of printing some fun thanksgiving pictures and have them color . what kid hates coloring  ? 

ok" so this is what I have so far.. this week  I will sit with family discuss who will bring what? 
Definetly I will be sharing what I will be making . SO stay tuned for that blog.  

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