My labor and delivery

Monday , August 29 .2016 

 My third daughter was born June 27th 2016 at 1140 am weighting in at 9lbs 5oz ! . She came to this world via c section . 


                                     Daddy so happy holding Baby girl 

This was my third c section . Everything I could of imagined went as planned . Being that I already have had two c sections all the preparation was the same . 

So you may ask what we named our bundle of joy ? Her name is Aliza Ines " 
Her name wasn't hard to find . Once I found out I was pregnant my husband and I immediately started looking for girl names . We had already said if it was a boy he would be name after my husband.

My stay at the hospital was 3 days . The first night was a bit overwhelming despite you don't get sleep . A constant checking on you every 4 hours and the baby as well . 

On the second day I was able to get up and walk .  With the assistance of the nursing staff and pain pills . Walking helped a lot with pain .

 My last day at the hospital was a relieve I'm finally going home ! 

Getting home was the happiest part of it all , being able to lay on my own bed , take a hot shower and relax on the comfort of my home . 

How are the girls adjusting? My biggest fear was would they be jealous? Was Amirah gonna be the baby sister that hits or be extremely jealous ! Well ... I can proudly say my girls are in love with Aliza since the first day it was love at first sight ❤️ my girls want to hold ,kiss her unconditionally 

Officially it has been 2mothns  since I've given birth . Aliza and I are doing good . Adjusting has been ok . I will be doing a baby update on another post and on my YouTube channel.  

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