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January 30 ,  2016 
                                I am back ....

Hey guys took some time off ! It's been a minute but I can officially say I AM BACK !  

Since the birth of my daughter Aliza , life has gotten a bit overwhelming. Juggling everyday life duties , being a caretaker , wife , cook , cleaning lady etc ! YEAH us mommies we all that ! And honest It hasn't been easy . There was  Days where I would breakdown and ask myself WHY ?
Can handle it ? 🤦🏻‍♀️
But seeing there beautiful faces each morning is  a reminder You got this 👌🏼 

Who said parenthood was perfect? It isn't , But  I love it ! ❤️ 
 Look at my cuties 

Truly I have been blessed 🙏🏼 

So getting back to things . What else has been new In mommy life ! Aliza is officially 7 months old - babygirl is sitting , laughing more , loves to eat avocados 🥑, bananas 🍌 and potatoes 🥔  , she has three baby teeth 👀 and she is beginning to semi crawl  - she had been under the weather but nothing too bad . 

I am still breastfeeding going on 7 months strong 💪🏼
No bottles 🍼 - exclusively on the boob 
She weights 19lbs and Honest I don't remember her inches 🤦🏻‍♀️ 
Look at those chubby cheeks and baby toes 😘

Let's continue  ..... 

My Abelina turn the big 8 on January 6 , 2017 ! 

 Such and emotional day for me ! My babygirl is growing up to fast .  Abby is one bubbly full of joy , she surprises  me everyday and make me so happy to be her mom ❤️ I see how as a mother I have been to her reflects the full of joy , princess , singer , dancer and just one awesome kid she is ! 
Priceless moments with Abby 

Now Amirah - 👇🏻

My blondie  , my OMG WHAT DID YOU DO ? What are you doing ? Why!!!!!!!!
Amirah has her personality and how I would definition it would be a risk taker ! 

Couple days ago she got her self in my makeup 💄 and decided to take it upon her to give herself a makeover!  😂 
Oh yea that happen ☝️ I wish I could of captured my reaction when I saw this traviesa" (trouble maker ) full of my makeup on her face , clothes ect . 

I took several pictures of her but This one is my fav - "I dint do it mommy " face 
Yes everyday is an adventure and I love it 😍  

👇🏻 let's continue......

Hunny and I celebrated our 11 year anniversary 😱 

Wow 😳  yea huge accomplishment " . Truly I have been blessed with an amazing man , so patient , loving , caring  works so hard to provide and truly I am grateful 🙏🏼 
I love you hunny 

Alright I think I said everything - if I left anything out def will share on the next post 

Today's post was mainly on the why ? Where and everything and everyone asking what's up with me ! 
I hope you guys loved today's post more to come thank you for the unconditional love you guys  give Me to  all my social media ! I will leave links if you guys don't follow me  
Here 👇🏻
Snapchat 👻 - Rsarita27r 



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