Tuesday , February 7 , 2017 

Hey guys welcome back to my page  

 Couple weeks  ago I went to get  my annual eye exam , since the birth of my daughter Aliza I notice a significant amount of change in my vision . 

My ophthalmologist office visit was amazing but the selection of glasses I wasn't to happy with. The styles they had wasn't me ! . 
So I made decision once again to order my glasses online . Two years ago I did the same thing and I was very happy with the results .

The company I order my glasses from is 

They have a amazing variety of glasses and sunglasses 😎 

All you need is your current ophthalmologist RX and find the perfect pair . 

Right now they are having a Valentine's Day special BUY ONE GET ONE FREE until 2/14/2017 I'll leave you a link to where you can find that special 

Here are the frames I order and I am in love ❤️ 
Every glasses comes with their own case and cloth to clean your glasses 

I highly recommend if you are in search of variety and affordable glasses definitely check out

Thanks for visiting my blog      ❤️ Sarah R. 


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