Valentine's Day for my girls 2017

February 21 , 2017 

"FYI " super late post 

Valentine's Day came and left πŸ‘πŸΌ , Myself and husband don't celebrate Valentine's Day among us  . We just don't  partake in a "holiday " on a only day you have to show your significant other how much you mean to them . 

My husband and I show our love and efection to one another 365 days πŸ’• everyday should  be Valentine's Day ' 

So we decided to make extra special for our girls . Since we don't give each other anything what we do is celebrate it with our daughters by getting them some yummy chocolates , candy a valentine card . This year we gave them socks , puzzles and some mini dolls ( dollar tree ) 
Also love getting them some balloons makes pictures beautiful 

Our oldest daughter does Valentine's Day card at school so we go out and buy her a pack and some candy so she can hand them out to her classmates. 
And of course she loves being a sneaky one and eat some candys to her self πŸ˜†

We also tell our daughters showing love to a person one day isn't and shouldn't be a holiday.  Everyday you should show love ❤️ 

Let's continue..... 
This year we also got special Valentine's Day cards and yummy sea salt caramel chocolates for grandparents both side 😍 
My Abby also dress the part at school . Since the beginning of her school life " she has dress up for all occasions πŸ˜‹ 

I also love taking pictures of my daughters what ever occasion , holiday it is.  It's the memories I love to capture. 
Taking pictures of my girls was a adventure. Every single was has a story . 

Overall Valentine's Day was awesome ! Doing it with my girls makes it special. 

Seeing them smiles melts my heart ❤️ 

                                                                     Sarah R . 


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