Dr Seuss week #readacrossamerica

March 5 , 2017 

Last week at Abelina school they wore honoring  dr Seuss and read across America campaign. Each day she had to dress the part of the book she would read in her class of course the author being Dr Seuss . 

The best part of creating looks was finding awesome deals at my local dollar tree  And Walmart . 

Here is what the week look like 

Monday -
 crazy sock day . Book 📚 FOX IN SOCKS  
 Socks : dollar tree 
Materials : dollar tree 

This look inspired by Abelina  she wanted a different look on each sock . 
She was so excited to show of her crazy creation 

Tuesday :
 Crazy hat day - Book 📚 Dr. Seuss '500 hats of Bartholomew Cubbins' 

Hat and materials- dollar tree 

This project was definitely my most favorite. Abelina and I both created this look on our love of flowers and butterflies 🦋 


She was definitely the center of attention at her school . 

Cat in the hat day - red , white and black 
Book inspiration "cat in the hat " 

OOTD - the outfit was created with clothing items from home . 
She was so excited to share her recreated and inspired 
She couldn't go to school with out anything in her hair especially her red bow . 

Pajama day 
Book 📚 - Dr Seuss " The sleep book " 

OOTD - her pajamas are from children's place and she had them for a while . 

 She was happy going to school in pajamas 

Friday - 
Grinch day - wear green 
Book 📚 the Grinch who stole Christmas 🎄 
OOTD - entire outfit from Walmart 

This book is Abelina fav . Especially the classic movie too . 
She was excited 😊 picking out her outfit we got the outfit from Walmart under $5 

Her hair bows obviously have to part of her outfit lol . 

This #readacrossamerica campaign was definitely my favorite because Abelina was able to fully participate in choosing outfits and creating looks . 

I definitely encourage to do these kinds of activities with your kids . 

Thanks again for hoping over into my blog 

                                                                         Sarah R . 


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