My Vegas Vacation and with the kids

Journal entry on our Las Vegas trip ........

We went on a 4 day vacation to Las Vegas , Nevada 🎰. 
And the biggest question of all is with your kids ? 

A lot of people have a misunderstanding or a perception of Las Vegas a not πŸ™…πŸ» kid "friendly " place . 

We headed out early in the morning , with a 3 hour drive window and hoping and praying that our drive would be a successful one 😱. In the beginning we had some moments Aliza would cry but it did not last long . crying for about 20 min ease her to a long sleep ride . 

Getting closer which felt like forever 🀦🏻‍♀️ we arrived to Las Vegas ! 
In This trip we stayed in a 
airbnb home πŸ‘ . I think it was the most amazing deal and idea we did for this vacation . The rental house was a two story home 4 bedrooms 3 bathrooms, a huge home 😳 pool 🏊 and just a comfortable stay .

The first night we settled in unpacked and relaxed in the rental house . We went to the grocery store Later in the evening to get some necessities we would  need like cereal , milk ,bread , ham etc you get the idea πŸ’‘ 
The rest of our gang arrived later that' night . 
The next day we embark to our first destination the stripπŸ—½πŸ°πŸŽ‘ . We ended having brunch at circus circus . Watch a couple of circus acts they have there (mind you kid friendly ) 
We did some carnival games .took pictures and did some more sight seeing .  

The brunch selection at circus circus was on point - one awesome deal is if you are a exclusive member or staying at the hotel you get a discount  
circus circus deals here
           My Abelina at circus circus with her cousins

 Comfort clothes was my major plus to pack. I bought these crocs flats ! Omg I need to buy me another pair 
these are the shoes πŸ‘  and mind you we walk A lot no pain no blisters . I did bring my Nike runners and never worn them during the vacation.
             Some selfie pictures and one with the hubby 

Eventually the kidos got exhausted and we headed back to the rental house . Girls took A nap (two little ones ) my Abby got into the pool . It was a bit chilly but she did not mind the cold water πŸ’¦  
We wore well rested. And ready to head out for the night . 

Night life in Vegas can be misunderstood. Yes there is everything in Vegas 😳 but remember I am parent so doing kid stuff was all in my mind that night . We ended up goin to planet Hollywood where we had some pinks hot dogs 🌭 . I ended up getting my self a adult beverage. Mama gotta have a little bit of fun . 
We walked the strip where we headed to the Bellagio water show they have in front of the hotel . Just beautiful,  
How the water and music sincronice together . It's breathtaking 

We then headed to another awesome strip show in front of the Mirage they have a huge volcano πŸŒ‹ that also puts on a show . This one is my favorite 


After the show was over we continued our walk across the strip and ended up at our favorite spot White Castle . 
Because in California they only sell the refrigerated version . We wore looking forward eating them again πŸ˜‹
We took a box to go which had 30 cheeseburgers πŸ” 
Why a large box and so many ? We wanted our family members to enjoy them as well . 

Our night was getting late 1am - our girls are already at that crying and fuzzy stage. So we head back to the rental house  and we call it a night . 

Saturday morning- our itinerary was to do some more sight seeing . We had breakfast 🍳 got the girls ready and headed out . We up in the old town of Las Vegas which is called Fremont - Fremont street experience  
We love  Fremont so much art and weird of wierdist is there . 
They have a awesome light show above the ceiling. 
Being that we wore in the day we had to wait until the night to see it . 
We got to see some people zip along the famous zip line experience. 
I'm still not brave enough . A lot of performers, musician , and random people dress up in all kinds of characters are along the street . I was lucky to snatch a picture with some hot " handsome men . 
 Oh yea ......

We headed out , and decided to visit the famous pawn stars shop . 

A famous tv show call Pawn stars built a new pawn plaza . The new plaza has couple restaurants ; example - ice cream  , BBQ restaurant , burger and hotdog restaurant etc . 

We had to take a selfie before we left . Also the entrance to the pawn shop is free . You can't record but ok pictures are allowed to be taken . We also did some souvenir shopping . 
We headed back to the rental house becaus the girls wore a bit exhausted and we wanted them to nap . 

We lounge around the rental house for a couple of hours  and. Decided to head back to Fremont street for the night show . When we arrived definitely a big difference from the morning . It was lit ! 

Music performers , more street performers. 

We arrived in time to watch the light show and hubby also wanted to try some heart attack hotdogs . 

 Because it was our last night In Vegas see wanted to still see more of the strip . We headed back to the strip and 
Ended up at MGM. We walked the casino , also we wore so excited to take the girls to the M&M store . 
Let me just say the selection and flavors can be overwhelming.  
 We enjoyed the nigh with some more sight seeing . We ended up going back to the rental house and my sister in law and I decided to head back to the strip have a adult night and play the casino play some slots - did I get lucky ? Oh yes ! 

Lady never tells πŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ 

We had a awesome night together And called it a night . 

Sunday - time to check out 
We woke up around 930' ready pack and head out for a mid day last minute sight seeing and shopping. 

 We ended up having brunch at my favorite casino Excalibur. 
There selection is endless . 
After brunch we headed to Luxor . We did some souvenir shopping and more sight seeing . 

Time to say good bye πŸ‘‹πŸΌ our time in Vegas was over . Bitter sweet moment. 
The ride back home was a bit  exhausted but the girls behave so good . I sincerely thought this Mama was gonna have a hard trip . But I underestimated myself , smooth ride it was .

My experience and thoughts. Vegas you did not failed me . 

Summer 2017 here we come again . 

Thank you guys for reading my journal entry if you guys enjoyed it definitely let me know . I would love share these personal moments with you guys .  

Until next time                                 Sarah R. ❤️

FYI- everything personal wasn't written in this blog post the privacy of those who came to vacation with us . (Privacy for the 3rd party ) 


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