Disneyland with a toddler and infant

 May 23, 2017 

Hey guys welcome back 

I've been a MIA FOR a bit soooo much has happen the past couple weeks , but I'll leave that for another blog post story 
Life ..... 

So if you follow me on  
Instagram 👈🏻.  Which you should totally do I've posted pictures and stories on me and family going to Disneyland pretty often . As a annual pass holder we definitely take advantage. 

So the biggest question I get ALOT is how I manage a toddler and a infant 👶?  

It's not rocket science. It's knowledge, patience , and the most important preparnes.   

 So . 

Here are my top 5  questions I get ask  and Ima break it  down for all you mommies who plan your next trip to the happiest place on earth.
1. My  diaper bag / back pack - what do I carry ? 

I've always have had a pep peeve when parents over pack ! 
There's no need to Do all that and the stress on carrying a heavy backpack. 

Minimal is key 🔑 
Here is a example on what I take  - diapers , wipes , 2 change of clothes , sweaters  , hand sanitizer, wallet ,mommy essentials, water , snacks , sunscreen, battery backup and cord .
Some items change especially clothes depending on the weather . 

I'll add other  stuff like my Minnie ears , hats , a towel if we get wet in a ride . 

2. Stroller - a stroller is always important when having fuzzy kidos I call it beds on wheels 😆 

In my stroller I pack - a blanket , 

 FYI - I've witness parents pack their entire home in one stroller . 5 bags of unnecessary stuff . 

3 . Another question I get , is food allowed? 
Yes yes yes ! 

Ok  so sometimes we  take our lunch bag - "sometimes " 

Examples of stuff we take - your ready ? 

Lunchables, ham , cheese , bread , juices , pretzels , fruit snacks , chips , juices , water ,  

We occasionally have dinner at our fav restaurant. The plaza inn 
We usually get the chicken dinner . One meal feeds two people . We get two meals . 

Disney TIP - 
Also we take our annual pass popcorn bucket if you get it and you are a pass holder the refills are 1$ . 

Ice is free - if you ask any restaurant for a cup of ice they will give it to you . Especially for those hot days . 

4 . Changing diapers / nursing / feeding services . 

Disneyland and California adventure offer child services 

Offering more than just privacy, Baby Care Centers are fully staffed and are helpful  for parents with infants and toddlers. 


Open during regular park hours, each full-service facility is complimentary for Guests and includes:

  • Nursing room with chairs
  • Changing room with tables
  • Feeding area with highchairs
  • Kitchen with microwave and sink
  • Main room with television, table and chairs
  • On-site shop offering formula, baby food, juice, diapers, wipes, sunscreen, over-the-counter medications and pacifiers for purchase
Location -  
Disneyland Park 
  • The Baby Care Center is at the end of Main Street, U.S.A., next to First aid . 
  • Disney California Adventure Park 
    The Baby Care Center is next to Ghiradeli soda fountain chocolate shop and across from The bakery tour in Pacific Wharf.
Disneyland all bathrooms have changing stations . 
                       My fav their nursing rooms .  

And number 5 ! 

What rides can my kidos go on . 
Many parents worry there are not enough Disneyland rides and attractions for babies and toddlers, but amusements for all ages are  at this theme park. The best part is the entire family can enjoy most activities together.

More details on inches 

So that's it how simple was that . The best advice I can give you mommies is have fun , minimalist and smart will make  your Disney day exciting and stress free . 
 Make sure you follow on my Instagram for pictures and Disney stories. 

Probably next post will be on another topic . The wait lines and fast passes how the work ? 

Until next time 

Thank you  
                                                                   Sarah R. ❤️


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