Summer skin safety

Tuesday , July 18 , 2017

 ☀️ in California and in my city summer days
Are in full affect . With the weather and temperature rising up to high 90 protecting my skin and my girls is a main priority. 

Ever wonder how much sun exposure you or your children? 

I've been testing out 
la Roche- posay patch . 
 A stretchable heart water resistant patch  measure your UV exposure or your child 

The UV PATCH  is connect to any smartphone app that automatically translate the UV exposure and alerts you when you aren due for re apply sunscreen . 

My family and I have been enjoying our summer vacation at the happiest place on earth 🏰 Disneyland  . And with this hot weather I have been super mom on applying sunscreen on the girls . 

With the patch by my side  and sunscreen on hand I know that with la Roche- posay my skin and girls are protected. 

So have fun this summer , protect your skin and your children. 

You can find Roche brands at your local  Target
Or Roche - website

Thank you for reading my blog . Until next time 

Sarah R . 


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