Keeping cool at the happiest place on earth

Tuesday, August 8 ,2017

It’s summertime and that means longer days to have more fun at the Disneyland Resort!  🏰And California adventure 🎡Summer  also brings warmer weather, so ive got some tips for beating the heat while visiting both parks 

California heat won't let our family trips to Disneyland ruin our day ! 

Here are so helpful and Delicious tips on how to stay cool at the happiest place on earth . 

Water is a must ! And bringing couple of overnight frozen water bottles helps a lot .  Drink water 💦 . If you’re staying in a hotel, you can bring a case of water bottles or have a case delivered to your room. Load up the bottom of the stroller or a backpack with at least one bottle per person before you head out for a day in the parks. You can refill the bottles at water fountains, or you can ask any quick-serve food location for a free cup of water. (Specifically ask for a large cup or by default you will get a child size water.) Of course, you can always buy bottles of water if needed, but at $3 a bottle the cost adds up fast. However, no matter the cost involved, you and your family need to be constantly drinking water.

We love bringing a medium size cooler bag  
definitely allowed at the park. 

- we love packing 
Snacks ! 
Juices on the go 
Pb&j sandwiches 
Gold fish 
Anything your little ones love to snack on helps a lot ! 

Purchase a mister fan. those suckers are worth every penny. But to save a couple bucks, order one from Amazon or Target before you leave for your trip.
Stoller fans 

A must if little ones take naps in strollers . Also helps a lot to stay fresh  you can find them here . 

Disneyland Rides / with A/c or just plain cool and refreshing. 

Before Anything my number one ☝️ attraction / ride for adults and kidos to stay fresh and get a lil wet is definitely 
Grizzly river run . 
This attraction is my little one fav because seeing the riders comedown the final drops makes a huge splash and getting wet is definitely your way and luck to stay super fresh . 

  • it’s a small world – The boat ride around the world lasts about 10 minutes, and is indoors and air-conditioned throughout the duration.
  • The Enchanted Tiki Room – Birds of a feather flock together in this animatronic show that’s not only rocking the AC but the crowd as well. It’s hugely captivating for babies and toddlers — plus it’s so much fun for adults to sing along.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean – The majority of the line for this ride is indoors so you and your mateys will be able to cool down even while you wait. Ye be warned, however, that this ride does include small drops & sails through the dark.
  • Stone ball outside of Space Mountain – Just outside of Space Mountain, you’ll find a stone ball that’s covered in water. It’s a fun way for toddlers to get some splash time in!
California Adventure 

  • The little mermaid- ariels under the sea adventure-
Sebastian try to convince Ariel it was hotter under the water, but this time he’s got it all wrong. The line is covered for sun shade, and the ride is a cool dip in the blue
  • Disney Junior – Live On Stage! – Sing, dance, and clap along with your favorite Disney Junior stars. It’s a hit with toddlers and it’s a great break from the heat.
  • Animation Studio – Just down the street from Disney Junior – Live on Stage! is the Animation Studio. There are great exhibits on animation, plus some totally tubular conversation in Turtle Talk with Crush.
  • Princess Dot Puddle Park – In Bug’s Land, your lil’ bugs can splash & play in water features. You may need a change of clothes because they won’t want to leave!
Don’t forget you can track wait times for both parks using your Disneyland app! While using the app, look for the Baby Care Centers. Families can stock up on baby care items, use the private nursing areas, or just refresh in the air conditioning.

Some staple treats that you can't go with out eating Disneyland 
  • Dole Whip – This frozen pineapple confection has a special place in my heart. Grab some before a Tiki Room show for a match made in tropical heaven.
  • Mickey Ice Cream – The iconic Mickey Mouse shaped ice cream treat makes sweet photos & happy bellies.

 Overall Disney trips can be a lot of fun on these hot summer days .  

Thank you for reading and have a magical day .


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