Comfortable in my own skin

Wednesday, August 9 , 2017 

( before you read this personal blog post if you take any personal please do not continue to read , I express what is deep in my heart and personal experiences. Thank you ) 

And here we go ...............................

  Reality hit me when I turned 30 😳 that' was a year ago !
Now at 31 I have done a lot of self work, acceptance, appreciation, loving me . I have never been one of those women who feel body shamed or felt any bad way about my self in my early adult life , but having my 3rd child I came into a sadden depression about my self . The way my body esteem was . I hated everything about me , the way I looked in the mirror . I could see myself "naked " I felt disgusting. I would question myself why ? " . 

One day I was on social Media looking at my Instagram and my feed was full of "perfect " models , influencers , etc . But in reality half of these women have gotten work done . They talk about being true , loving yourself but why not be the real thing and embrace your imperfections. I'm not saying that if you got work done then you're not beautiful . I'm just saying that if you want to embrace something about loving  yourself or just loving the way you are then be truthful . Perfect body isn't what your born with . The real beauty of a women is her imperfections. {*And if any doubt I am relating to mommies*SAHM } 

The stretch marks the not So flat tummy , the dark circles under our eyes , we don't wear makeup everyday , we barely have time to dress up because our priorities are our  children' 

Waking up late ugh 😑 wish I could do that one day ! Lol 

So I reflected on that . Why not be the voice of every women that has felt the same way I was feeling . Feeling worthless, disgusted , plain low . 

That day I took a picture (well my husband did ) I told him take a couple of pictures of me . 

So we drove to a parking lot literally no cars no people just me , him  and the girls . 

He took about 50 or more ! And I started to pick my most favorite. 
                  {here is the picture that's started it all }

In that moment I made a decision to change the way I thought about myself and embrace my IMPERFECTIONS. 
I was never going to care what anyone though about me , or body shame me .  
From that day and now my confidence has hit 💯! 

Why ? 
Well self acceptance is the key 🔑. Love your self . 

Every morning I wake up with the Motivation that today is a day of greatness, empowerment ,goals , achievements and "YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL ". 

Mommie of 3 beautiful girls and a amazing husband, no longer will I let anyone or anything define my imperfections as not the normal ! 

Perfect is boring .  

Thank you for reading my blog and sharing some love ❤️ 


                                                           Sarah R.


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