My Journey and Life as a Nurse

My journey ,

 It wasn't easy took me 2 years to become a LVN .   I first became a CNA (certified nurse assistant) then I got my HHA (home health aid ) a year later my PCT and EKG specialist then with all those certifications I decided to persuade my LVN license but wait I'm not done and still passionate to finish my RN with BSN . 2018 here I come 💪🏼

So where does my nursing career begin ?

Well after graduating high school pretty much . I didn't really know what I wanted to do . My family encouraged me to go to college and take prerequisites but I didn't want to be comfortable in just taking regular classes . 

I was anxious to get my self in a school or college to begin a "career " 
I took a lot of different courses  and got different certifications if you can see in the beginning of this post I was passionate and determined to persue my nursing career. 

Why nursing? 

I remember seeing commercials on tv of schools advertising there nursing programs.  And my passion has always been there to heal , comfort  and the compassion I have for the sick and those that need any kind of medical attention . 

  I clearly remember my father always asking me " nurse  Sarah " to help him with scrapes and bumps my siblings had it was always nurseeeee '!!!! . And that's when I knew LVN was for me . 

After completing every single certification required to take the LVN COURSE ,  I made no hesitation in taking the steps 

I remember signing up and feeling nervous taking my entry exam . Praying I would  pass . 

 My husband at that time was my boyfriend he was the biggest support and my "patient " to practice on . One thing he never let me do was poke him . Butterfly, IV's nope that never was going to happen . 

Clinical and nclex!! 

Clinical was sooo much fun . I remember doing my rotations in hospitals clinics and emergency room but my FAV ! Geriatrics's. 
I have so much compassion for the elderly, I just think I have a old school heart . 

Meeting patients hearing life stories , was so fulfilling. 
But then their  was times the unfortunate would happen and we would lose a patient . And as human I would tear , but I had to remember my profession was first . My emotions had to wait because caring for more patients was in hand . 

The time came for nclex !! 

Omg was I a reck . Nervous , sleepless night of studying everything .  I wanted my brain to remember everything. 
Then came the time of testing . I remember seeing my name in a assign desk , I sat down and began . Took me 2 hours ! 
I remember coming home crying not knowing the results. 

Weeks pass by and I got the letter . 
I remember feeling like I was on top of the world ! A huge accomplishment. Dedication and work payed off
 And I cried a lot !! Just tears of joy of course . 

Working - 

Well finding work was easy , I settled for a nursing home position passing medications . I loved it. Especially wearing stylish scrubs . One of my fav is Landau Scrubs . Here's why !  They have Durable fabric, high quality, and long-lasting 
Variety of colors, cuts, and prints to meet my preferences
Real-life sizing that is actually constructed to fit (various sizes ranging from XS – 5XL) 
Super comfortable/breathable material 

                  Here I am wearing the landau scrubs . 
My size is large and they fit perfect 👌🏼 

 If your a Nurse or are in nursing school and are looking for some comfortable and stylish scrubs definitely check out Landau .

My life as a Nurse . 

Since having my daughters I've taken some time off but that Doesn't mean I don't work or take my nursing career into practice . Helping hospice patients , in home care has helped a lot with managing my social, and especially mommy ,wife life . 

 I  am Pursuing my RN . I've actually register and I am looking forward 2018 . 
  Lots of sleepless nights and hours of studying but you know if I have the heart and compassion for it trust me ! I GOT THIS . 

Seeing my daughters face seeing mommy in her scrubs makes theirs dreams and hopes a reality that they can be anything they want when they grow up ! 
Makes my heart melt . 

Thank you sooooo much in reading my blog and my journey on how I became a Nurse.   

                                                        Love Sarah ❤️

I want to thank landau for sponsoring this blog * 



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