Flowerchild festival

Monday , September 18, 2017 

Flower child festival and arts and music festival 

This weekend I had a awesome opportunity to attend a awesome children's festival ! . Located in the city of Irvine , Ca In a huge park . 

This was my first ever children festival . 
Beautiful decorations , a flower theme fit perfect . They out did themselves so much every detail into their event . 

As announced the first 100 people wore receiving some awesome goodies . We wore like number 25 .  
Entering the event we wore greated with some awesome goodies , and vendors . 

Some popular ones I already had came across in previous events and new ones . I love supporting local vendors and connecting with brands . 

And of course free goodies 😆 my oldest was amaze each vendor was giving FREE STUFF lol . 

As we finished visiting each vendor we proceed out to the main park , where the main festival was . 

The first thing my girls wore excited about was meeting the mermaids . 
 A local aquatic center has real mermaids . And of course my girls wore excited 
They had a selection of mermaids fins so all the girls could dress up as a mermaid and take fun pictures with them . Amirah was in heaven ! She loves mermaids also my Abelina join the fun . 

Another awesome stand they had was character reading time they had moana , Ariel , tinker bell , 

 They also had awesome interaction with the kids . Example 
Blowing bubbles and dancing and singing with the kids 
                              Amirah loving the bubbles 
One of my favorite kid places was at the event pretend city 
And kid museum. 
A museum showing kids how the real life works 
Some fun stuff my daughters love doing is coloring and this event had lots of it . 

        Coloring unicorns was the highlight of the mid day    They got to take the unicorns home and they wore so proud of the masterpieces. 

The event detailed to bring a comfortable picnic blanket or chairs to sit in the open grass area and enjoy a picnic while listening to music . 

I brought lunch for us ,yummy fruit , lunchables, water , chips and homemade ham sandwiches. 

We lounge around and enjoy the scenery my girls loved picnicking. 
                 Aliza also got a feel of the grass she loved it 

One of my fav stands was a center for children's . 
kinder care  a place where they focus on all aspects of your child's growing, social , everyday living tasks . 

My fav was the painting . Creating beautiful art with toys Amirah was having so much fun she event got paint in her mouth ! I don't know how but non toxic paint no worries 😉 

                  She was having tooooo much fun our last stop was munchkin 
My fav brand  they also had a station where kids wore able to color 

They had a selection of fun kid toys and so many options to what to color 

munchkin  also was giving away some of there awesome products. 

We love the big munchkin sign we had to take pictures with it . Also the girls , Aliza was napping but able to get some pictures of her in the stroller smiling and having a fun time . 

                                          My Aliza 
As the event came to a end I decided to leave a bit early because my girls wore exhausted of so much fun . 

My first children festival and I can truly say I will be definitely be coming back next year . 

Thank you Flowerchild festival for a awesome time 


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