Breakfast at Night

Friday ,October 20,2017

Date night , a def and a must in my marriage. When life gets a bit too busy you tend to forget and prioritize what usto be you as  couple. Remember you dated first , got to know one another. Marriage shouldn’t change that or even when having kids.

So ..... 
we have made it a a custom now  couple times a month the husband and I will have date nights (kid less ) 
Luckily this month our favorite restaurant the hidden gem in our town The Nest . A restaurant where breakfast is serve super early and we barely get to enjoy had a breakfast at Night event . With a special menu definitely we wore in ! 

So let me tell you about The Nest . 

The nest is a awesome breakfast /brunch with a variety of delicious breakfast options. My fav is definitely their French toast  and the breakfast beef hash 😮 talk about a filling plate . 
If want a complete menu on the nest def I recommend visiting their website and goin .

Our reservation was at 8:45 pm . We wore greated by a nest employee sat us by the bar . 
 The ambience was set with a playlist of music from 60s soul , 90s hip hop and of course Michael Jackson 

Our menu selection began with a recommendation their iced coffee sampler 

A def kicker sampler ☕️ . 

We continue with our order , the hunny order his fav their chilaquiles And I Order one of their special menu items 
Chorizo biscuit Benedict
2 homemade biscuits Siracha queso cream sauce 
Chorizo, mozzarella , spicy chiccharron crumble
Served with a sunny side up egg. 
Here you go . This is how It looked and it was delicious.
The sampler iced coffe was delicious as it looked . The hunny always satisfied with the chilaquiles . 

As our night progress Antonio (general manager ) from the nest was so kind to offer us a complimentary whiskey cocktail. 

Wow it was delicious and def a kicker in the face . 

The cocktail- Whiskey 



Apple juice

What a awesome night . We definitely recommend Night at the nest . If you are local Visit them  you will go back for more 

Thank you to the nest for allowing me to post about your awesome event and as always a loyal customer. 

Visit the the nest here 👉🏼 the nest 

FYI not a sponsored post 


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