Adventures before bedtime with “Night knights “

                                  The Night Knights

Our bedtime story time has been taken over by some brave knights . Creating some awesome fun adventures while
Reading before bed . 

I would like to introduce you to  The Night Knights The Night Knights have an important quest - to keep children feeling comforted and protected while they sleep. Say hello to Sir and Lady Sleep-A-Lot, sent on a fun mission to keep watch in kids’ rooms at night. 

The Night Knights  are more than just a fun toy. They are an experience that stimulates children's imagination, helping them feel safe and secure at night. An adventure that the whole family can take part in, The Night Knights  foster a love of reading and help children develop a sense of security when sleeping alone in the dark. Their personal Night Knights can help make going to bed a fun routine that they will look forward to.

 As a parent The Night Knights  are a magical experience as a mom I enjoy seeing them make Quests and fun missions . My girls  wake up and see how their Night Knights were busy keeping guard while they slept. Peaceful bedtimes makes me a happy parent and better sleep for everyone!

the Night knights make a awesome gift , especially the holiday season around the corner . Gift a brave knight to a special child . Especially if they have trouble sleeping makes them feel safe knowing the Braves knights are there to protect them .

Thank  you Night knights for the opportunity to share about these awesome knights and how bed time can be a adventure and also a peaceful night with knights standing by . 

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the Night knights

Thank you again for reading my blog 
 Sarah Reyes 


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