L.A MAMACITAS - Sherlock Gnomes Party

March 21 , 2018


Over the weekend  I had the privilege to attend Aside with 
L.A MAMACITAS for a fun paint party in honor of the movie “sherlock gnomes” in theaters March 23.

In the beautiful city of Monrovia, California hosted at 
dream big children center  .

My girls so excited to start painting and explore the center . 

My girls love painting and they were excited to start painting some cute gnomes . Tables wore decorate with cute Sherlock gnomes posters , paint , and paint brushes , sculptures of gnomes to paint. How fun was that ! 
The girls couldn’t contain it they Immediately began to create.

                           They created masterpieces 

While her sisters paint , ALIZA explored the center in their many creative rooms they have and had fun. 

The day was filled with connecting with new and old friends . Shared our passion on parenthood. Our children became friends. We also indulge in some yummy treats they provided us with . Yummy cupcakes , delicious pastries , water and even juice boxes for the kidos . 
Unfortunately the event came to end and yes my girls wore devastated but they HAD SO MUCH FUN ! 
They even got to take home some awesome goody bags 

Overall it was A AWESOME EVENT . Thank you L.A mamacitas for a wonderful time . My girls and me had so much fun 



  1. It seems like a lot of fun to me. My mom would add shows by Andy Yeatman to the watch list on my birthday every year. It used to be my favorite show and I loved it when my friends watched it with me. I used to have a great time then. It is hard to find content like that now.

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